Research Thesis

In addition to following the lecture class, a student must be able to complete the master's research project to be formulated scientifically in his master's thesis to complete the master's program. This research project has load about 40 credits are divided into several research activities, namely Induction research, research feasibility studies, preparation of research proposals, Seminar and Exam results thesis. Each student must determine research topics in research areas that interested in doing an investigation variety of research opportunities that exist in the field of Intelligent Systems, Software Engineering, Media, Game and Mobile Technologies and Information-Centric Networking. To assist students in determining research topics better premises, then each student will follow the Induction program for Research in the first half, which they are required to engage in scientific discussions are held regularly in each research group in PTIIK. Next, in the second half, they were expected to be able to determine with good research topic that going to implement in accordance with their respective interests. They are given the freedom to choose research topics based on the proposals of each under the direction of the mentor or determining research topics based on the ideas that come from the faculty mentor. Research results should be published in national journals accredited and / or international journals of repute in accordance with the directives of the respective supervisor. In the end, a master research must be scientifically described in a master's thesis that will be evaluated in a test to determine graduation thesis a master student.