Research Group

Teaching at the master's program is supported by the existence of any research groups in FILKOM UB:

  1. Games and Mobile Technologies
  2. Network Technologies
  3. Information Systems
  4. Software Engineering
  5. Computer Vision
  6. Intelligent Systems and Geoinformatics

The research groups will be supported by existing facilities in one or more of existing research laboratories in FILKOM. Each research group has weekly routine agenda in the form of a scientific discussion (focus group research) that will discuss a variety of current topics fit their respective fields projections and conduct research that can be done in order to contribute both to relevant science and society in the form of innovative solution-based products. Publications in journals and/or proceedings of national and/or international became the target of measurable outcomes of any activities conducted on each research group.

Each master student will directed to involving in scholarly activities to strengthen their graduate research process. In first semester,master students will given the freedom to involving in scientific discussions on existing groups research so that they have more insight to determine their research topics to be selected as their master’s research.

In second semester, master students are expected to has a definitive research topics according to their own interest areas and will be affiliated to particular research group to conduct research in order to sharpen the completion of their graduate research under faculty guidance relevant to the field.