Graduates Competencies

In general, a graduate Master Program of Computer Science / Informatics are expected to have competence (according to criteria of National Qualifications Framework competence Indonesia - KKNI level 8) as follows:

  1. Able to develop knowledge and / or technology in the field of Computer Science through research in order to produce innovative and tested products;
  2. Able to make the learning process and internalization of various development methods and the latest technology (state-of-the-art) in Computer Science;
  3. Being able to provide a problem solution in the field of Computer Science through a scientific approach, both inter and multi-disciplinary;
  4. Able to manage research and development that has contributed to society and knowledge in the field of Computer Science, and able to gain national recognition and / or internationally.

To be able to measure the level of competencies achievement above, use Key Performance Indicators (KPI) as follows:

  1. Competency 1:
    • Being able to develop a mathematical model as innovative and proven solutions to complex problems; or
    • Able to engineer innovative and tested software, both in general and specifically in the field of gaming and mobile, by applying the principles of software engineering; or
    • Being able to manipulate the information-centric networking that innovative and proven.
  2. Competency 2:
    • Able to perform literature review of current research topics (state-of-the-art) in Computer Science; and
    • Being able to do scientific presentations as well, at least for regular discussion group level research in interest areas, based on the literature review has been conducted.
  3. Competency 3:
    • Being able to accurately describe the problem and formulate a research methodology well to get a solution to problems raised and write scientifically and systematically into a Master Thesis in Computer Science.
  4. Competency 4:
    • Able to produce one paper published in the journal accredited national and / or international journals of repute.