Frequently Asked Questions

Understandably, many of you have asked questions about Master Program of Computer Science/Informatics. We have attempted to capture a number of these questions and respond to them in the following FAQ.

In general, Master of Computer Science/Informatics FILKOM UB open for graduates with variety background knowledge. As long as they meet the specified requirements in order to register and pass the selection tests that consist of field tests and interviews, then they are entitled to attend this master courses. Nevertheless, FILKOM also provide a matriculation program in anticipation of diverse scientific backgrounds and did not pass the test in certain scale. Matriculation program will be given selectively to numbers of subjects required to provide initial technical knowledge about Computer Science/Informatics which required for further master lectures.

Besides the registration form that must be filled with valid information, following documents must be included: legalized copy of diploma and transcript, a copy of valid ITP-TOEFL certificate, copy of valid TPA (OTO Bappenas) certificate, latest color photograph, research synopsis, promissory note to complete master program and its obligations. Further information can be seen on registration menu.

Yes, you can. Prospective new students of Computer Science / Informatics Master Program do not have to come to FILKOM to register, please register online from your domicile after paying theregistration fee that can also be done at any local bank office(via ATM / internet banking). Furthermore, you can register online via official admission website of Computer Science / Informatics Master Program FILKOM UB,, by entering the PIN and registration number obtained after paying the registration fee.

Yes, you can. New students of master program can enroll in all semester of each year. Registration and selection for early lectures on odd semester usually opened in June / July, while for even semester usually open in December/January.

Currently, there are four (4) major of interest areas are offered: Intelligent Systems, Software Engineering, Media, Games and Mobile Technologies and Information-Centric Networking. Each of these major of interest will be selected by students at the second semester.

In general, study period for master's program is 4 (four) semesters. The study period could be shorter / longer dependent on achievement of each student. However, the possible range of study period between 1.5 (one point five) to 4 (four) years.

Yes, it is possible. New students of master program are able to do transfer credits from several courses that has taken on similar master programs at other universities , in order to complete the master's program in Master of Computer Science / Informatics FILKOM UB. This transfer credit mechanism will be determined separately by the Student Selection Committee (Panselmaba), Master of Computer Science / Informatics FILKOM UB.

Graduates of Master Program of Computer Science / Informatics are equipped with latest knowledge and sufficient skills to develop science and technology in the field of Computer Science / Information Technology, both as academics / researchers and practitioners. More specifically, they can obtain their career as a Software Engineer, IT Consultant, Scientist / Researcher, Lecturer and IT Entrepreneur in various sectors including higher education, research institutions, government, IT industries and other industries in the field of engineering, health care, transportation, mining , etc. In addition, the master graduates also have qualifications to continue his research on doctoral education level (S3) in Computer Science / Information Technology.

Graduates of Master Program of Computer Science / Informatics is Master Computer, abbreviated M.Kom behind the name.

Information about Master Program of Computer Science / Informatics can be obtained through official website or can be directly contacted via email to magister.ilkom[at]