Master Program in Computer Science/Informatics UB established by the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture of Republic Indonesia No. 595/E/O/2014 dated October 17th, 2014 on Operation Permit Study Programs at University of Brawijaya in Malang.

By using the concept of admissions in each semester, the student enrollment and the inaugural lecture hold in Even Semester Academic Year 2014/2015. The official opening ceremony of Master Program of Computer Science/Informatics UB conducted by the Rector, Prof. Dr Ir. Mohammad Bisri, MS. as a special agenda in a big event UB IT Solutions Innovation Gathering 2015 on January 14th, 2015. The event was first organized by Faculty of Computer Science (FILKOM) UB in order to bring together the world of college and industry to:

(i) add the latest scientific insights (state-of-the-art) in Computer Science/Informatics for academics and practitioners in the form of Guest lectures from experts who are competent;

(ii) display a variety of research results and the flagship product of academics and practitioners Information Technology; and

(iii) explore various possibilities for research collaboration between the two parties.

With the new master education structure implemented by the Directorate General of Higher Education (in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture No. 049 2014 and the Director General of Higher Education Circular No. 526/E.E3/MI/2014) which is more focused on the research side, the research collaboration with industries become more important in order to direct the research results of masters students could be more helpful to the industries and the wider community which in turn will support the development of the nation.

Furthermore, the collaboration is possible to attract industries to be more involved in supporting research programs at the university, which can be realized in the form of funding, facilities, information, data, etc.