Career Prospects and Industries Cooperations

In general, a graduate of the Master Program of Computer Science/Informatics has a great opportunities as a Software Engineer, IT Consultant, Scientist/Researcher, Lecturer and IT Entrepreneur in various sectors including higher education, research institutions, government, IT industry and other industries in the field of engineering, health care, transportation, mining, etc. In addition, the master graduates also have the qualifications to continue their research on doctoral education level (S3) in Computer Science/Information Technology.

Oppotunities for cooperation with industries will be very possible considering the products role development that produced in Computer Science/ Information Technology, such as intelligent systems, software, multimedia technology, gaming and mobile as well as information-centric networking, is increasingly important in improving the quality of life of a community and nation. Organizing events UB IT Solution Innovation Gathering which will be scheduled each year, expected to facilitate the convergence of the campus and industries  to collaborate in research that able to produce innovative and competitive products based on the latest technology in order to help solve the problems in the industrialized world in particular and development of nation in general. Currently, FILKOM already have agreements with several leading industries in Indonesia, such as IBM, Cisco, Oracle, PT. Global Digital Prima (GDP), PT. Adicipta Innovation Technology (AdIns). Assessment of further cooperation with other industries partners will continue to be made to strenghten research collaboration forward in order to provide a greater contribution to improving the competitiveness of the nation.