Currently, FILKOM UB has had 29 lecture rooms, each room about 50 m2 located in three separate buildings (A Building, C Building and joint lecture room), each building equipped with a recording room for lectures administrative purposes and presence of lecturers attendance. Each lecture room is equipped with desks, chairs for lecturers and students, fans, whiteboard and LCD Projector. Each lecture room has a capacity of 40 students. Lecture rooms are used for teaching and learning activities from 07.00 am to 05:50 pm on Monday until Friday. As for Saturday and Sunday, the lecture rooms can be used for other activities, such as student activities. In addition, FILKOM buildings are also equipped with a green open space (RTH) which is sufficient to provide ecological balance and also provide a comfortable atmosphere and recreation space for students that have crowded lecture activities. RTH is also equipped with wifi internet access and gazebo that can accommodate 260 students.

As a further step towards the development of institutions, FILKOM UB also has a new 12th floor building that still in development process. That building is one of two buildings planned to build as twin buildings. The new building is planned as a place for lectures and research activities. The entire research laboratories will be placed in the new building which will be equipped with some seminar rooms that can be used as a place to conduct research discussions periodicly of existing research group.