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Master Program (S2) of Computer Science/Informatics UB equip master’s students with ability to develop science and technology in the field of Computer Science/Informatics more in depth, particularly in the various fields of interest: Intelligent Systems; Software Engineering; Media, Games and Mobile Technologies; and Information-Centric Networking. More specifically, students will be directed to make the learning process and internalization of various methods and latest technology (state-of-the-art) on selected areas of interest. So they can produce solutions in the form of software-intensive solution for various problems more effectively according to the changing times.

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Good Scientific Tradition

Continue the scientific tradition that has been developed at University of Brawijaya in general, students of master’s program will be conditioned and directed to have a scientific spirit in Computer Science/Informatics so will be able to perform the latest scientific assessment (state-of-the-art) to be applied in products development of software-intensive solutions with guidance from qualified lecturers with doctoral degrees that graduates from various reputed universities,either in Indonesia and abroad.

Students will also have the opportunity to acquire several knowledge and skills in conducting research activities of Computer Science/Informatics, also to publish the results of his research in a number of reputable publications, both nationally and internationally. They will be guided to be able to do such publications by doctoral  lecturers that experienced in publicizing research results, both nationally and internationally.

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Good Cooperations with IT Industries

Currently, PTIIK has been able to establish good cooperation with numbers of companies that focus on Information Technology development and utilization, such as; IBM, Cisco, Oracle, PT. Global Digital Prima (GDP) and PT. Adicipta Innovation Technology (AdIns).

This cooperation will continue to be improved even expanded with a number of other companies in order to develop synergies between researchers PTIIK research with relevant industry to produce products that are software-intensive innovative solution and tested so as to increase the competitive advantage of the nation. Great potential possessed by the students master will be directed to contribute to the synergy.

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Encouragement to Moving Forward and Developed Together

Learning pattern applied in Master of Computer Science/Informatics PTIIK UB designed to encouraged the master student to be able to explore their knowledge in Computer Science/Informatics. They are encouraged to be able to deliver brilliant ideas in lively atmosphere research discussion based on sufficient knowledge, as a review result of various latest methods/approaches (state-of-the-art) in a particular topic. Each student is trained to be able to appreciate other people's ideas and conduct critical review of every idea that comes up.

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Conducive Learning Environment

University of Brawijaya located in central area of education in Malang that has been known as an education city in Indonesia. Many students from various cities in Indonesia are studying at this campus.

Malang city has a good atmosphere for studying, not too noisy, quite convenient air, living costs that relatively affordable, the view of Malang city filled with greenery, and a pretty shady campus atmosphere that very nice environment for students to completing their Master of Computer Science/Informatics, PTIIK, University of Brawijaya, Malang.

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Our Partnership

Global Digital Prima,PT
Adicipta Inovasi Teknologi, PT
IBM Indonesia, PT
Oracle Indonesia,PT
National Instrument