Software Engineering

Software increasingly shows its importance in various aspects of life, current and future along with the increasing need for tools used to do any activities / processes more quickly, accurately and easily. Interest areas of Software Engineering prepares students of Master Program (S2) Computer Science / Informatics UB to be able to answer the needs of professionals in the field of software engineering, both as practitioners and academics, to be able to produce quality software products. The students will be presented with a variety of methods and the latest technology (state-of-the-art) of software engineering in general (eg, Service-Oriented Software Engineering) and specifically in a particular field (ie, Geoinformatics and Information Systems) through the review of the various papers published in various international publications of high quality in order to provide knowledge and skills to support the achievement of the competence of graduates.

Graduates of the master program with Software Engineering interest area is expected to have the following competencies:

  1. Have a basic knowledge and strong skills in software engineering innovative and tested;
  2. Able to make the learning process and internalization of various development methods and the latest technology (state-of-the-art) in the field of software engineering;
  3. Being able to provide a solution to a problem through software engineering with a scientific approach, both inter and multi-disciplinary;
  4. Able to manage research and development that has contributed to knowledge in the field of software engineering and the wider community, and be able to gain national recognition and / or internationally.

Graduates of master program with interest area Software Engineering has a great opportunity as a Software Engineer, Software Development Manager, Software Engineering Lecturer / Researcher, GIS Manager, Information Systems Manager and Software Entrepreneur in various sectors including higher education, research institution, government, IT industry as well as other industries in the field of engineering, health care, transportation, mining, etc. In addition, the master graduates also have the qualifications to continue his research on doctoral education level (S3) in Computer Science / Information Technology with specialization in the field of Software Engineering.