Intelligent System

Intelligent Systems is part of Computer Science / Information Technology and Intelligent Engineering for development of various high methods inspired by natural phenomena to solve complex problems in the real world. Complex problems can also be related to big data processing and embedded systems design.

Areas of interest Intelligent Systems (SC) prepares students of Master Program (S2) Computer Science / Informatics UB to be able to answer the needs of professionals in the field of intelligent systems that are able to produce software based systems and intelligent algorithms, both inter and multi disciplinary, with analytical and technical skills to produce innovative work and tested, both at national and international levels.

Graduates of the master program with areas of interest Intelligent Systems are expected to have the following competencies:

  1. Able to develop strategic decision-making and mathematical models for complex problems;
  2. Able to develop intelligent algorithms and soft computing to solve problems through a scientific approach, both inter and multi disciplinary;
  3. Able to implement intelligent algorithms to build embedded systems;
  4. Able to manage research and development that has contributed to knowledge in the field of intelligent systems and the wider community, and be able to gain national recognition and / or internationally.

Master program graduates with interest areas of Intelligent Systems has a great opportunity as Intelligent Systems Lecturer / Researcher, Consultant Intelligent Systems, Intelligent Systems Developer and Intelligent Systems Specialist, in various sectors including higher education, research institutions, government, IT industry and other industries in the field of engineering , health care, transportation, mining, etc. In addition, the master graduates also have the qualifications to continue his research on doctoral education level (S3) in Computer Science / Information Technology with specialization in the field of Intelligent Systems.