Information-Centric Networking

Searching of information on the current era has been much different from the early era of the Internet, where information is always associated with the physical location of such information. With the growing volume of data and so the spread of the data location, then search paradigm is no longer concerned with the association information with location information.

The need for a new architecture of the Internet has been so sticking with the limitations of the current Internet architecture is facing. Interest Area of Information-Centric Networking prepares Master Program students (S2) of Computer Science / Information UB to be able to answer the needs of professionals in the field of network along with the evolution of the network architecture of the future Internet.

Graduates of master program with interest area of Information-Centric Networking is expected to have the following competencies:

  1. Have a basic knowledge and strong skills that innovative and tested in the field of computer network;
  2. Able to make the learning process and internalization of various modern computer networking technology development (state-of-the-art);
  3. Able to develop the problem solutions trough a scientific approach, both inter- and multi-disciplinary, which involves understanding the architecture of a computer network;
  4. Able to manage research and development that has contributed to knowledge in the field of computer networking and information-based society at large, as well as being able to get national recognition and / or internationally.

Graduates of the master program with interest areas of Information-Centric Networking has a great opportunity as the Enterprise Network Specialist, Data Center Specialist, Network Designer and Analyst, Network Lecturer / Researcher, Multimedia Specialist and Internet Specialist, in various sectors including higher education, research institutions, government, IT industries and other industries in the field of engineering, health care, transportation, mining, etc.

In addition, the master graduates also have the qualifications to continue his research on doctoral education level (S3) in Computer Science / Information Technology with specialization in Information-Centric Networking.