National Instrument

On August 30, 2013, National Instruments is addressed at No. 2 International Business Park The Strategy, Tower 1, # 06-03 Singapore 609 930, and the Faculty of Computer Science / FILKOM (f.k.a PTIIK) University of Brawijaya signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which of the National Instrument signed by Chandran Nair as Director and of FILKOM signed by Ir.Sutrisno, MT as Dean. With the cooperation program as follows:

  1. This MOU is intended to establish a basis upon which UB and NI may explore areas for cooperation. In this regard, the Parties agreed to the following goals and objectives as part of their international collaboration programmes:
  1. To set up a LabVIEW Academy at University’s premises to promote more LabVIEW trained and LabVIEW certified developers and engineers from University undergraduates/graduates for the local Electronics & Electrical Engineering Industry.
  2. To set up a laboratory based on NI Platform within a year of the signing of this MoU. The NI Platform consist of the following NI products:
  • 15 units of NI ELVIS 2;
  • 15 units of NI ELVIS 2 Addon board Digital Electronics FPGA Board;
  • 8 units of NI myRIO;
  • 3 units of LabVIEW RIO Evaluation Kit; and
  • 40 units of licenses for the Academic Site License Department Teaching.
  1. UB and NI to jointly work on using NI-equipped LabVIEW Academy facility at UB for the purpose of training, talent development, showcase and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) events such as national/international level competitions/contests.
  2. To promote research projects collaboration between the Center and UB.
  3. To assist UB’s students in their final projects and the result of final projects via email and telephone. Their projects will be the property of the students.
  4. To encourage internship opportunities for UB students at NI and industry exposure with various industry attachment programs.
  5. To promote education, research, and joint international seminar or conference.